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Healthy Lifestyles Articles


The purpose of this material is to inform and educate Mentors, Parents and Children on important topics facing children and youth today. This manual is intended for a primary audience of mentors and parents, but has been written at a middle school level so youth can get involved in the discussion. We recommend parents and mentors use this manual in consultation with their children, rather than offer this manual to a child as an alternative to initiating a conversation.

This material is a guide and is limited in its scope. It is meant to be augmented with additional research and consultation with professionals. Resources vary widely and many organizations mentioned in the manual are specific to British Columbia and the Lower Mainland. We recommend investigating resources available in your area, in addition to national organizations referenced in this manual. Each article was reviewed by members of our reference panel with expertise in that field.

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyles Manual

Chapter 1: Healthy Bodies


Chapter 2: Healthy Minds

Nutrition: Healthy Eating & Active Living Self Harm: Ineffective Problem Solving
Oral Health: Healthy Mouths, Healthy Bodies Grief and Loss: How to Deal With Life When the Worst Happens
Epilepsy: Learn More - Reduce the Stigma Suicide: Awareness, Prevention & Support
HIV/AIDS: Myths, Stigma & Reality Addiction: A Life Out of Balance
Hepatitis: Interview With a Virus 

Chapter 3: Healthy Relationships

Herpes: Dispelling the Myths Fitting In: When You Feel You Don't Belong
First Aid Awareness: Quick Thinking Can Save a Life Relationship Violence: When Love Turns Dangerous
   Internet Safety: Think Before You Click


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